Apa format research paper

Apa format research paper
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Apa format research paper

The APA style is used to design works related to the social sciences. The APA style was developed by sociologists and scientists studying behavioral problems to apply it in coursework, research reports, feasibility studies, literature reviews, and methodological articles.

APA style format

The document is typed by computer printing, the interval between the lines must be made double, starting with the cover page and ending with a list of used sources.

Any well-readable font can be used, but the American Psychological Association recommends that it should preferably be Times New Roman size 12.

Each paragraph should begin with indent size of 1.27 cm from the left margin.

The width of all fields is 2.54 cm.

The header should be present on every page. Page numbers are shown without indentation from the right margin.

The footer contains a shortened version of the title of the document, which can not exceed 50 characters, including spaces and punctuation.

The document usually consists of four main sections: the title page, the abstract, the work itself, a list of references. The main text is divided into subsections, such as introduction, methodology, results, discussion. There is no need to title subsections precisely like this. Instead, it is a conditional division.

Title Page

It contains the name of the document, the name of the author, the affiliation to the institution and the footer, as described above.

The name is printed with a capital letter, and it should be centered in the upper half of the page, it can take only one or two lines.

APA recommends that the length of the name does not exceed 12 words. The name of the author is indicated below: first name, initials of a middle name, last name.

Under the name of the author is printed the name of the organization/institution.


It starts with a new sheet that already contains a footer. At the top center is the word “Abstract” (without quotes, without bold, italic, underline).

Starting from the next line, write accurate summary information about the critical points of the study. The abstract should contain, at a minimum, the research topic, the questions posed, the enumeration of participants, methods, results and conclusions; consist of one paragraph (150-200 words) with double spacing.