Term paper example

Term paper example
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Term paper example

Many teachers estimate the degree of familiarization of the student with the subject of work. Therefore, the writing and design of the introduction should be taken seriously.

The standard structure of the introduction to the term paper:

The relevance of research. It is required to write why your term paper has significance, how much it corresponds to modern realities.

Problem research. You must answer this one or more question in the course of writing coursework.

Goals and objectives of the study. If we act according to the standard scheme, then there should be four sub-clauses:

  • Examine the special literature.
  • Consider key concepts.
  • Practical goal
  • Development of personal recommendations.

The object and subject of study. The object is the description of the processes that occur with the subject of research. The subject is what this research is aimed at.

The hypothesis of the study is an assumption that must be confirmed or refuted as a result of work.

Research methods are methods that were used to conduct research and analysis on the chosen topic of work.

How to write the central part

The main part of the term paper must be divided into two chapters – theoretical and practical. The theoretical section is a review of the problem under study, taking into account the work already performed by domestic and foreign authors. Here the student forms and justifies his point of view in relation to the objectives of the study, builds theoretical assumptions about how to solve the tasks set at the beginning of the work.

The analytical part of the study is the search and identification of factors that affect the subject of research. In the conclusions to this section, it is necessary not only to indicate certain elements, but also to bring their shortcomings, and also to reflect on how these deficiencies can be eliminated.


The easiest way is to write small conclusions at the end of each chapter from the main part and then assemble them into a single whole. Then the teacher will understand that you have completely understood the topic and are ready to answer the question on any section.